Ivanka at the G 20

I generally refrain from making wardrobe comments about professional women. Appearance is not related to competence and usually commenting on appearance is a way of trivializing women. I feel, however, that Ivanka is an exception to that personal rule because she is not professional and is trivial.

I also generally refrain from making negative comments about the children of elected officials. Ivanka is exempt from that too, because she has assumed a role in our government and is happy to enjoy the benefits that come with that.

Having discarded those two personal guidelines, here goes.

Open Letter to Ivanka

Ivanka, sweetie, try some dark colors if you want to be taken seriously. Older people with experience can wear bright colors but they rarely wear ruffles.

Try some shoes that are a little more sensible. Spike heels are bad for your back, and they are more appropriate on a runway.

Tie your hair up and stop playing with it. Do you not know that is a stereotype? Please, God, don’t flip your head to show off your hair. Nobody cares that you are a blond erstwhile model. Well, they care, but not in a way you want. True, lots of young women do it, but sweetie, you are pushing 40. You are no longer an ingenue and you are playing with the grown ups. This is a habit you want to work on. I think I may have seen AOC flip her hair. When you win an election, you can. Until then, you need to work really hard not to look like your Daddy’s bimbo.

Please work on your poses. They all look like a layout for a fashion magazine. Your dental work is impressive, but not relevant to world economics.

The Real World for Women

You may be a very intelligent woman, I don’t know. I have seen no evidence of it, but I know you have many obstacles to overcome. Because you are your father’s daughter, and few world leaders take him seriously, being his appointed adviser, with no other relevant credentials means that like all other women, you have to work at being taken seriously, and you are not helping yourself.

Your assumed persona would not serve any serious woman in any professional arena. Serious women who have worked hard to get a good education, build credible resumes, compete against “the boys’ club” to be taken seriously, to get promotions and equal pay are all judged by the trivial standards I have just listed for you. Somewhere in their professional timeline, someone has given them this demeaning advice. Most professional women learn early that working hard, being ethical and dependable, intelligent and educated is not enough. They have to conform in ways that may not be relevant to the jobs they do.

Your behavior, your assumption that you deserve to stand up as an equal with world leaders without working for it is an insult to serious, capable women everywhere.

My last advice: your makeup will really clash with the orange jumpsuit. You might want to have your colors done.


Parsing Truth

Parsing Truth

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